Intero Foundation Donates to NCDP

intero photo

The Intero Foundation donated another $1,000 to the Nevada County Diaper Project last week along with a $500 grant to the Keeping Kids Safe Program.

“Cathy Fagan, director of the project, does a fantastic job with the Nevada County Diaper non-profit and nearly all the dollars donated goes right to buying and distributing diapers to needy families.” says John Miller “The positive impact this has on the children, their families and the community as a whole is the reason why this is our third grant to the program in just over two years.”

John and Edie have just opened their fourth office in Nevada County with the most recent office located at 227 Broad Street in the heart of Nevada City. To date Intero has raised over $23,000 locally and the Foundation over $3,300,000 worldwide.

“The money we raise here, stays here to help our children.” Miller says “Every Real Estate agent in our company gives a portion of their commissions earned to our foundation. I am very proud of the fact we have 100% participation. We also get a great turn out from the agents, the administration staff and our preferred vendors for our fundraisers.” Evergreen Home Loans donated $500 to get the donation ball rolling and will be volunteering to help with the setup as well.